National Passenger Safety Campaign
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“You are wondering why she got in the car with him driving… and I have no answer for that. I will always wonder.” 

The National Passenger Safety Week mission is to put an end to tragedies like Kendal’s. By inspiring the courage and providing the the verbiage, we hope to empower passengers to speak up when in a car with an unsafe driver.


U.S. roadway deaths are rising again at an alarming rate. People are still driving drunk, drugged and distracted, and destroying families in the process. Here are a few of these families’ stories. 

This is Why We Need to Empower Passengers to Speak Up

Taylor & Meredith’s Story

NPSC Taylor & Meredith's Story

Two beloved sisters were tragically killed that morning when the vehicle they were in left the road, struck an embankment and then a tree.

Connor’s Story

NPSC Connors Story Image

On April 10, 2011, my son, Connor was killed as a passenger in a single vehicle, distracted driving crash. He was just 21 years old.

Kendal’s Story

npsc Kendall's Story Image

I remember all the vivid and surrealistic details of that fate-filled day. I can recite what I had on and the section of the coveted Sunday.

Cole’s Story

npsc cole's story image

My only child, my son, Cole Kilgore was a loving, loyal, charismatic young man with beautiful blue eyes and an engaging bright smile.

My daughter was killed in a single vehicle crash caused by her father who had a .22 BAC…

…and he was loaded with marijuana. I was working two jobs at the time and I went to my second job. I actually talked to him on the phone and begged him not to take Cydnye with him, but he didn’t listen. I feel so guilty, I should have done something more, threatened to call the police or something. Why didn’t I?

– Karen E. Ring

My 16-year-old-son, Conner, was killed in a car crash after leaving his Homecoming dance.

He was the front seat passenger in a vehicle driven by an underaged, and unlicensed driver who was speeding. The back seat passenger as well as the driver were also killed. The speeding, unlicensed driver was given the keys to a high-performance BMW at age 15.   I wish that family never transferred to our school. I will spend my life making sure this doesn’t happen to another family.

– Tammy Guido, mother

She was the passenger of a vehicle that was being driven by her drunken boyfriend.

I have lost a friend this week. We met in college, and both had two beautiful daughters that went to preschool together. She died in a crash and I found out because her daughter (14) posted on Facebook. Three days after the news of her untimely death I found out she was the passenger of a vehicle that was being driven by her drunken boyfriend. He was driving the wrong way on a one-way street. He was going to hit another vehicle head on but swerved so impact was on the passenger side which killed her instantly. Why didn’t she stop him from driving or find another way home?

– Nicole Ramos

Someone’s lack of responsibility took my son from me. He was only 16.

Today is my son’s 12th year in heaven. He was riding in the back of a car driven by a 16-year-old, who had his license for only 30 days, who was also drinking and high on pot. I try not to get angry, but sometimes it’s hard. The driver also died. But someone’s lack of responsibility took my son from me. He was only 16.

-Donna Uzzi