National Passenger Safety Campaign
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“You are wondering why she got in the car with him driving… and I have no answer for that. I will always wonder.” 

The National Passenger Safety Week mission is to put an end to tragedies like Kendal’s. By inspiring the courage and providing the the verbiage, we hope to empower passengers to speak up when in a car with an unsafe driver.


Do You Have The Courage to Intervene?

courage to intervene promise

Please sign the "Courage to Intervene Promise" and Help Save Lives

The Parent Checklist

Teach your child early and often the importance of being an outspoken passenger. Before they get in the car with a friend, download the Parent Checklist and ask these questions to ensure they’re ready to Speak Up for safety.

National Passenger Safety Week - Teen Action

How Teens Can Take Action for NPSW

You are more powerful than you know. Plan an event, contact your reps, take the pledge, and utilize the strength of social to save lives. 

We see a friend who’s had too much to drink at a party walking to their vehicle and we don’t stop them.

We watch as a family member picks up a phone call behind the wheel.

We let a friend leave our house to drive to the store after smoking some marijuana “because it’s just down the street.”

These things happen countless times every single day, and they frequently end with arrests, shame, humiliation, huge fines, and many times these choices end in injury and death. Whatever the outcome, people are usually left wishing that they had done something more.

If only I had stopped that friend from driving drunk.
If only I had said something when the driver picked up that phone call.
If only I told my friend to keep their marijuana use at home.
If only I had the Courage To Intervene.

One courageous voice can stop one deadly choice.

Have the Courage to Intervene.